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Signature and profile picture guidelines

posted Oct 27, 2012 12:56:32 by SavvySavers

Signature and Avatar Guidelines

One of the perks of continued membership is having a custom signature for your posts. The contents of your sig must be acceptible for our community, and shall not contain any profanity, vulgarity, or insults/disparaging comments to our community or its members. In addition, comments and/or links that represent direct competition are not allowed.

Keep your signature and avatar in good taste, the contents of your signature must be acceptable for the community: no vulgarity, lewd men/women, profanity or insults to other community members.

If you use an image as your signature, it should be no larger than 486 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. Your profile picture can be changed but, it will be automatically resized by our system.

Animation should be kept to a minimum and both your signature and profile picture shouldn't be too distracting.

Do not include spam, harassing links or affiliate links in your signature.

However, we will not object to you posting links to either your personal websites or other commercial projects which you support. This is a privilege which you are allowed as a contributing user.

Comments and/or links that represent direct competition are not allowed.

Do not create fake signatures.

Any signature violating these rules will be considered spam. The signature will be deleted and the offending member will be addressed by our moderators.
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