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Hello I am Natalie :D

posted Oct 30, 2012 22:20:27 by CyanideVii
Hm... what to say...

Well I too am new to the coupon bussiness. I don't have access to them but I do keep my eyes wide open for sales and deals. I love girly things like makeup(which I never wear so I should stop buying them >.>) and bath supplies like lotions, body wash, soaps and the like.

I know my way around internet shopping and what makes a real deal and what to watch out for!
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Pandora said Oct 31, 2012 16:18:15
Welcome Natalie.
It seems like we have a few things in common :)
Have fun around this place.
hackersmovie said Oct 31, 2012 17:26:51
Welcome! You mentioned that you "don't have access to them" what do you mean?
Guys can coupon too, right?
CyanideVii said Nov 01, 2012 07:17:55
I don't get the newspaper so I dont get coupons.
JenniferBaker said Nov 01, 2012 14:50:07
Welcome Natalie! natalie there are many couponing websites where you can print coupons. Visit that forum link for more info!
Jennifer Baker, Moderator
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