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new here

posted Nov 14, 2012 19:15:15 by piretjogeda
Hi my name is PJ.. live in toronto, ontario canada wondering if you have any tips for me ..i know we cant double our coupons here one purchase one coupon ( which sucks ) hope i can learn to save money!!!
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hackersmovie said Nov 16, 2012 04:25:41
Welcome PJ! Great to have you here! I'm sure you will learn a lot. Sorry to hear about not being able to double coupons. That's a stinker! LOL! You may want to grab the e-book on this site. I have used it a LOT and I'm pretty sure the same tips, etc. will work for you in Canada.
Guys can coupon too, right?
JenniferBaker said Nov 18, 2012 05:28:39
Welcome PJ! Glad to see that saving money is a universal language on this site :)
Jennifer Baker, Moderator
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